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Who We Are:

The University of California Cooperative Extension (UCCE) is a residents’ direct connection to University of California (UC) knowledge and expertise. We are part of the University of California’s Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources (UCANR) a state-wide network of UC researchers and educators. All are dedicated to the creation, development and application of knowledge in agricultural, natural and human resources. Our educators and Advisors, who hold a Masters degree or are Ph.D.s, work and live in our communities, saving public dollars and enhancing the quality of life for people in many ways.

What We Do:

We deliver high quality education and research  programs contributing to:
• Safe, healthy and accessible food
• Clean water and a healthy environment
• Improved nutrition habits and well-nourished residents
• Healthy youth who contribute to healthy communities
• An improved local economy

Our programs benefit ALL communities and citizens residing throughout the County. We pride ourselves on delivering the most cost-effective programs in the most efficient manner by drawing upon experts across the UC system, utilizing over 600 trained volunteers, and working cooperatively with over 150 diverse public and private agencies and organizations. We provide these services at a minimal cost to the public.


The word Cooperative in our name refers to the fact that our funding is derived from multiple resources in cooperation with one another. We receive funding from county, state, and federal resources. Contra Costa County currently provides various levels of support of office space, utilities, administration and transportation to program locations. The Universities of California provides academic and program staff. We also rely on grants, donations and program cost-recovery to deliver our programs and conduct our research projects.