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Acreage, Varieties & Prices for East Bay Winegrapes

Cost Studies (search on grapes)

Statistics: CA Grape Acreage & Crush Reports

Tree and Vine Loss Calculator

Educational Courses and Resources

Industry Reports, Newsletters, Symposia

Integrated Viticulture online

Managing the Small Vineyard Series (1 Saturday per quarter at UCD)

Trellis Alliance Research Summaries

UC ANR Publications Catalogue – Online (fully searchable, many free publications, may priced publications can be fully previewed)

Videotaped Seminars and Events

Viticulture & Winemaking Courses from UC Davis Extension

Wine and Vines Directories & Buyers Guide

Pest Management

Fungicide Selection and Timing Guidelines

Grape Pest Management Manual, UC Pub. #3343, (out of print, under revision)

Herbicide Susceptibility Charts for Grape

Pest Management Guidelines: Grapes - FREE

Pierces Disease Handbook, UC Pub #21600 (2001), $6

Songbird, Bat and Owl Boxes, UC Pub #21636

Vine Mealybug: What You Should Know (2005) FREE

Year Round IPM Plan for Grapes – FREE

Soil & Water Information

Improving Winegrape Quality with Water Management (2007)

How to decide when to begin irrigating

How to use a Pressure Chamber in Winegrapes

Micro-Irrigation of Trees & Vines, UC Pub #3378, $25

Soil & Water Analysis Guidelines

Tissue Analysis Guidelines

Trellising Selection & Canopy Management

Varieties, Rootstocks, Nurseries

National Grapevine Registry, UCD

Foundation Plant Services at UCD

Rootstock Selection (from Winegrape Varieties in California)

Syrah – Effects of Irrigation, Crop Load, Hang Time (2009), Paul Verdegaal

Vine Selection and Clones (from Winegrape Varieties in California)

Winegrape Varieties in California, UC Pub #3419 (2003), $30 (this entire publication may be previewed online)