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Cover Cropping Opportunities in Specialty Crops

presented by Contra Costa County Resource Conservation District and UC Cooperative Extension

These webinars and virtual site visits were recorded from fall of 2020 through spring of 2021.


Cover Cropping Principles, Practices, and Opportunities with Emphasis on Pollinator Benefits with Billy Synk

Cover Cropping Planning & Establishment for Small to Medium-sized operations with Gary Pearson

Cover Cropping on Small & Urban Farms with Kristyn Leach

Cover Cropping in Annual Systems with Margaret Lloyd

Cover Cropping Benefits, Challenges, Methods, and Tips with Jim Leap

Cover Cropping in Annual Cropping Systems with Sarah Light

Cover Cropping in Vineyards with Glenn McGourty

Cover Cropping in Orchards with Vivian Wauters, Amelie Gaudin, and Katherine Jarvis-Shean

Cover Cropping on Urban Farms with Clare Riesman

Financial Help Opportunities for Cover Cropping with Contra Costa RCD and NRCS



Cover Cropping Methods on a Small, Mechanized Farm with Jim Leap

Cover Cropping on a Large-Scale, Organic, Row Crop Farm with Scott Park

A Cereal Cover Crop for Early Field Access with Mitch Bloomfield

Cover Cropping on an Urban Farm with Ray Harts

Cover Cropping for Pollination & Soil Health with Chris Rishwain

Cover Cropping on a Small, Diversified Farm with Matthew Sylvester

Terminating a Cover Crop with a Rotary Mower and Rototiller with Gary Pearson